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General Instruction

School Timings

Class Hours


07.30am to 01.30pm


9:30 am to 02.30pm

Office Hours


7:30 am to 2:30 pm


8:30 am to 2:45 pm

School Uniform

The uniform is meant to create a sense of oneness and equality among students and to urge them to reflect, apart from scholarship, the values which they imbibe from the mother institution.



Maroon and cream check half pant, Cream Shirt, Socks, Tie and Belt


Maroon and cream check Skirt, Cream Shirt, Socks, Tie, and Belt



Brown and cream check pant, Cream Shirt, Socks, Tie and Belt


Brown and cream check Skirt, Brown legging, Cream Shirt, Socks, Tie, and Belt

General Information

Carmel means an orchard or garden land. As a proper name Mount Carmel designates as well known mountain ridge overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Israel. Due to its panoramic vista and luxuriant vegetation the prophets of the Bible saw an image of God's beauty in it and took it as a sign of God's love and blessings for his people. It is here on this Mount that the great Prophet Elijah established the worship of one, true God and meted out justice to the oppressed people. It is also on this mount that the Carmelite Order, a Religious Congregation in the Catholic Church, had its origin. The members of this order, imbibing the spirit of the great prophet, dedicate themselves to the service of human without any distinction of cast, creed or race. Mount Carmel School is an expression of these values.

Mount Carmel School commits itself to cooperate with the local people to involve enlightened young men and women of character who would be the best service to humanity. Although opened to boys and girls of all communities, it is a minority community School run by Christians, enjoying all the rights and privileges enshrined in Article 29 and 30 of the Indian Constitution.

Since an all round development of the child is envisaged, the formation cannot be merely academic and confined to the campus. The school discipline is geared to inculcate values like honesty, generosity, self-discipline, spirit of service and sense of fraternity. These values are to be constant companion of a student always and everywhere, and his greatest accomplishment will be fulfilled when he grows to bid farewell to the Alma Mater.


This course of studies is planned to lead up to the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) taken at the end of STD.X. This examination is recognized by Government of India through an act of the Parliament and the Council is appointed as one of the Indian Examination boards.

The medium of instruction is English, Hindi and Punjabi (Punjab) and Sanskrit (H.P.) are included in curriculum.


  1. Admission cannot be claimed as a matter of right. An attempt to use influence, unfair means or recommendation for admission will lead to automatic disqualification. The school doesn't have any agents for admission.
  2. The principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate without furnishing reasons.
  3. No advance registration is done four months prior to the beginning of the prospective school year.
  4. Admission begins in the month of January.
  5. No child less than 3 years old on the admission day will be admitted to Nursery. At the time of admission, the certificates should be attached with the application.
    • a. Birth Certificate. (once admitted no change of date of birth will entertained).
    • b. Original transfer certificate from the school last attended.
  6. Parents/guardians are asked to fill in the admission form with the utmost accuracy. No subsequent changes will be permitted thereafter for any reason whatsoever.
  7. No child will be admitted without a prior test and interview, except for the Nursery classes.
  8. For admission, candidates should be introduced by their parents or proper guardians who shall remain responsible for their fees, regular attendance and good conduct they will have to appear for the admission test and interview.
  9. The admission procedure will be completed only after submitting the necessary documents and depositing the required fees. Failing to do so will result in the cancellation of admission within three days and the seat will be allotted to the next child in the waiting list.
  10. The fee once paid will not be refundable.

Withdrawal and Dismissal

  1. Application for transfer certificate must be given in writing in the prescribed form by the parents.
  2. A clear month's notice of withdrawal must be given. All dues must be cleared before the Transfer certificate is issued.
  3. The principal reserves to himself/herself the right to dismiss the student on any one of the following grounds:
    1. Constant weakness in studies.
    2. Irregularity in attendance
    3. Moral breach considered serious by the school management.
    4. Non-payment of the fees or chronic irregularity in payment.
    5. Moral Turpitude.
    6. Indulging in any kind of criminal activities punishable under state laws.
    7. Eve-teasing.
    8. Any kind of Ragging.
    9. Use or abuse of any kind of drug as prohibited by laws. Causing obstruction to the smooth functioning of the school.
    10. Causing shame or insult to the name and fame of the school, management or staff.
    11. Parents causing damage to the prestige and good will of the school.
    12. Parents who participate or cause to happen any type of protest or Darna against the interest of the school or they themselves participating in any such activities.
    13. Willful negligence or disobedience to the school rules and regulations.
  4. A child who whose unfair means or receives or gives assistance in any form during tests will be given zero in the subject and repetition of the same fault will result in dismissal of the student from the school.
  5. The principal's decision shall be final in all cases of dismissal or withdrawal.

School Rules

All the Rules and Regulations that are in force from time to time and binding upon the pupils and parents. Ignorance of the current rules and regulations will not be an excuse for lack of compliance.

The school diary is also the main information register cum Rule book. It contains most aspects pertaining to the school, its curriculum, rules and regulations, manner of functioning, various prayers etc. Parents/Guardian must have a routine check up of the school diary for their ward to know the day today information from the school.

Fee Rules

  1. The schedule of tuition fees for the academic year can be obtained from the school office. Parents may pay the fees in a single instalment at the beginning of the academic year or according to the schedule given in the fee book.
  2. Tuition fee is to be paid for twelve months and has to be deposited at the local bank specified by the school. Kindly read the instruction given in the fee book.
  3. The annual fees (comprising term fee, electricity, water, sanitation and hygiene, sports & games), library fee, magazine, functions, examination fee and late fee also will be charged every year.
  4. If fees fall in arrears for more than three Months from the scheduled date, the student's name will be removed from the school rolls and no readmission may be granted. Re-admission will be entirely at the discretion of the management and in case of re-admission, fresh admission fees shall be paid before such re-admission, along with the arrears of fees, including the fine.
  5. Students who have not paid up their dues to the school during any particular term will not be allowed to sit for that terminal examination.
  6. The school reserves its right to revise the fees without prior notice to meet the rise in expenditure due to the increase of the cost of living, as long as the school does not receive grant in aid form the Government.

Leave Rules

  1. Attendance is compulsory on the first and last day of each term. Those students who absent themselves on these days without prior sanction of the leave from the Principal will be given negative points.
  2. In case of leave of absence, prior permission from the Principal should be obtained, except in case of unforeseen circumstances, for which an authenticated reason should be furnished in writing by the parent or guardian. However, granting leave is entirely up to the discretion of the Principal
  3. Absence from school must be supported by a leave letter from the parent/guardian of the students. If absence on account of illness that lasts for more than three days, theapplication for leave must be made to the principalaccompanied by a medical certificate from a registereddoctor.
  4. A student after returning to the school after a contagious or infectious disease should produce a physical fitness certificate from an authorized and Govt. approved medical practitioner, permitting him/her to attend to the school. The school shall not be held liable if a student is obliged to return home during class hours who failed to produce such certificated prior to the attendance.
  5. Repeated absence without leave application and unexplained absence for more than 10 consecutive days render the students liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. Re-admission, if granted will only be after the payment of fresh re-admission fee

Rules of Discipline

  1. All students are bound to listen keenly to the timely directives given by the principal and abide by them without an exception.
  2. Students should arrive at school at least ten minutes before the first bell.
  3. The school day begins with the morning assembly, which has to be compulsorily attended by all students. No student will stay back in the classroom during assembly without obtaining prior permission from the class teacher.
  4. The warning bell before class is a signal for students to go to their respective class rooms. this should be done in silence.
  5. The attendance will be taken at the beginning and end of the two sessions.
  6. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises without the written permission of the principal.
  7. Punctuality and regularity in attendance, proper uniform, an earnest effort in home-work assignments and gentlemanly behavior in and outside the school are always insisted on.
  8. Personal cleanliness and grooming is expected of every student. Therefore, all students are expected to come to school daily in freshly laundered uniforms with lean socks and well-polished shoes.
  9. On school days, examination days and at all functions, pupils must wear the prescribed uniform.
  10. Students must use only note-books having name of the school printed on it.
  11. The school has the right to teach any subject that is requireand approved by the Board of Education, both compulsory and optional.
  12. Loitering on the way to school or while returning home, is totally discouraged. Students must avoid loud talk in and out of classes, and also chorus answers. Silence in corridors, in the library and laboratories are a must. Perfect discipline must be maintained while going down for Music, P.T. andLibrary etc.
  13. Students must have great regard for the rules of politeness, general cleanliness, decency in behaviour and respect for one another. All the students must greet all staff members, visitors, class teachers and their class mates. Special care must take to see that silence is maintained during change of period.
  14. During the absence of the teacher from the class, students must obey the perfect or monitor appointed to maintain good order.
  15. Pupils must take permission for leaving the class from the class teacher/subject teacher. Leaving the class is allowed only with class pass.
  16. In case of any sickness/bruise, any breakage, or any errant behaviour from other students the children should report it to the class teacher.
  17. The students are expected to behave politely on all occasions and must walk gently on the corridors without talking and running.
  18. Chewing gum in the school campus is strictly prohibited.
  19. Students are answerable to the school authorities for their conduct in and outside the school. Hence, misbehavior in public places and conveyance will lead to serious disciplinary action.
  20. On the campus, students are strictly forbidden to talk to or entertain parents, friends, visitors, etc. Or make any phone calls without the prior permission of the principal.
  21. Damage to school property, however small, will not be condoned. Stringent disciplinary measures will be taken against such offenders. the parents will have to bear the fine and expenses of the damaged property.
  22. Use of plastic is strictly prohibited in the school campus. All and every waste is to be deposited in the dust bins only.
  23. Everyone is advised not to waste water and electricity.
  24. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their belongings. Nobody else shall be held responsible for jewelry or any other valuables brought to school by the students.
  25. Exchange of articles, lending and borrowing text books from other sections or money transaction between students is strictly forbidden.
  26. No books or magazines, other than textbooks or library books may be brought to the school.
  27. No pupil should bring razor, blade, or any sharp instruments or weapons unwarranted to the school.
  28. All students must converse in English in the school premises and in their respective vehicles while traveling in the group.
  29. All students must take part in extracurricular activities with all enthusiasm and with a spirit of sportsmanship.
  30. Every pupil must take part in physical training and games unless declared unfit on medical grounds by a competent authority and exempted by the Principal.
  31. Tools/objects that are not of any need of relevance to the academic pursuit should not be found with any student within the school premises. Use or possession of mobilephones or any other electronic gadgets such as CDs, pen drive, camera, video games etc. are not allowed within the school premises. If such gadgets are found, it will be confiscated and the owner will have to face serious disciplinary action.
  32. Pupils or their parents are forbidden to give either individual or collective gifts to the teachers and children.
  33. No collection of money for any purpose whatsoever shall be made in the school without the permission of the Principal.
  34. Students who come to school under the care of servants should never leave before they arrive. In case of delay they should report to the school office.
  35. No student is allowed to ride/drive to school motorcycle / scooter/car etc. In case a student violates this rule, the vehicle will be confiscated by the school and kept under custody for 15 days and only after that it will be handed over to the concerned parents.
  36. The school accepts no responsibility if a student is obliged to return home during class hours because of failure:
    1. To wear school uniform
    2. Bring the proper class work
    3. To get parents/guardian's signature whenever necessary
    4. To attend the class in time

Important notes to Parents/Guardians

  1. Mount Carmel School Nangal is run by the Carmelite Charitable Society, through its Governing Body, and all decisions of the Governing Body regarding the management/running of the School is final.
  2. The school wishes to inform the parents that every school is basically a democratic institution and observes no protocol or preferential treatment. You may visit the school at appointed times, as parents only, and not as somebody who holds a place of power and authority in the society. We wish to get your willing co-operation in this regard.
  3. Parents are requested to bear in mind that the school attaches great importance to building sound character in pupils. Therefore, they are expected to co-operate with the school authorities by making their children understand that a well ordered and disciplined way of life i9s as much important at home, as in school, by seeing that they prepare their lessons, and by taking an active interest in the activities of the school.
  4. Personal Memo page in duplicate (given at the end of the diary) should be carefully filled in by the parents.
  5. School diary is also the main information register cum rule book. Parents/Guardians are requested to read the rules and regulations of the school carefully and abide by them. Parents are informed that occasional reports from the teachers and other information from the school are made inthe school diary. They are requested to sign them as a proof that they have read them. Please do check the school diary daily and see that the lessons and homework assigned for the next day are done.
  6. Parents are requested to sign the Report Card and any other document relating to their ward when requested. The school will not be responsible for parents' failure to see the progress Report of their children.
  7. For any information regarding the school, please contact the school office during the office hours only.
  8. Parents are requested to be in formal dress when they come to the school for any official work in the office or in the principal's office.
  9. Parents must intimate the school office, in writing, of any change in their ward's residential address and contact numbers.
  10. When communicating with the Principal/office, parents are requested to mention in their letter the name, class, section and roll number of their ward.
  11. Complaints if any should be make only to the principal/Vice Principal and not directly to the teachers.
  12. Parents are welcome to visit the school. however, parents are not allowed to interview teachers or meet their children or take them home during school hours, without the sanction of the principal or Director. For all such cases parents are requested to make prior appointments with the school office in writing or over the phone.
  13. Parents are expected to co-operate with the school whenever the student's participation in co-curricular activities outside school hours is required.
  14. Parents/Guardians are requested to co-operate with the school in ensuring a high standard of morality and discipline among the students.
  15. Entry of the parents during the school hours are strictly restricted to the sit out/ waiting hall/parlor and counter premises only, except on special and permitted occasions like P.T. Meet etc.
  16. Parents are not allowed to entertain war ward in the school with food, drink, or medicine etc. After the assembly bell.
  17. Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) is to be attended by all parents/guardians of the wards. Those students whose parents/guardians have not attended the PTM, without the consent from the Principal, due to any unavoidable reasons, will not be allowed to attend the classes unless and until areasonable explanation by their parents/guardians is given to the principal or to the person appointed on behalf of the Principal.
  18. The students should accompany their parents when they come for the Parent-Teacher Meeting.
  19. Allotting of Sections/Houses and shuffling, as and when required, is fully at the discretion of the school authorities and no request for a particular section/house is entertained.
  20. The tendency of the students to go for private tuition is strongly discouraged. The school teachers shall not engage themselves in private tuition for the children of the same school or canvas any child for the same.
  21. Fees and other dues to the school should be paid on time and receipt should be kept safely for any further clarification.
  22. Just because one child of yours is admitted in the school does not in any way guarantee admission to all other children of your own family or of your relations.
  23. No unknown or unauthorized or unregistered person shallbe permitted to meet/contact or entertain children in any manner during the school hours.
  24. Students will not be called to answer the phone calls during class hours, unless it’s very urgent.
  25. The school does not provide conveyance to the students. The Transport of the children to and from the school is entirely the responsibility of the parents. Parents are to ensure the safety and security of their children outside the school campus and thus should entrust the care and transportation of their children to trustworthy persons after a thorough enquiry of the person and inspection of the means of transport and its concerned documents. The school will not entertain any complaint on this matter or be responsible in any way.
  26. Parents/students are advised to inform the school office in writing, regarding the following matters: - Drivers using drug/alcohol, using abusive languages, using mobile phone while driving, smoking while driving, over speeding the vehicle, creating traffic obstacles or fight with others, or any other misbehavior which is prohibited by the law.
  27. Though sufficient care3 is taken for the security of the students, however, in case of natural, accidental mishap or third party negligence the school shall not be responsible.
  28. Special classes, sports and games, cultural and literary activities may be organized on Saturdays as and when required. Participation will be deemed compulsory, in such cases.
  29. The management has the right to take disciplinary action against students/parents/guardians who do not comply with the rules of conduct and discipline of the school rules.
  30. Criticism of a child's teacher and the school in his/her presence should be strictly avoided. It causes the child to lose respect for the teacher, with the consequent failure to learn from him/her. If you have legitimate complaint, you may meet the Principal, without fear of reprisal.
  31. Parents are not allowed to use any filthy, abusive or arrogant languages in the school campus; penal procedures will beinitiated against such persons.
  32. Those parents/children who cause any agitation and incite others to do so against school or join with any anti-social elements to disturb the peaceful atmosphere and smooth functioning of the school, plotting against the larger interest of the school, instigating parents or general public, abetting to commit a crime against the school or its management within or outside school which causes damage to persons, reputation or good will of the school forfeit the right to continue in the school.
  33. Strict disciplinary/penal/criminal action shall be initiated against any parents/others who forge any of the documents, circulars, notices, I-cards, fee cards, bills, receipts etc. Issued by thePrincipal/management or using the Name, Fame, Good Will, Title, Seal and forged signatures of theschool authority for any purposes.
  34. No physical violence or verbal violence is permitted in the school. if anyone found using such means, he/she will be suspended with immediate effect and an enquiry will be conducted which may lead to one's dismissal if proven guilty.
  35. The Carmelite Charitable Society reserves the right to close down or dispose off, in whole or in part, any of the institutions or activities, whether educational or charitable, as the Governing Body may deem fit. No claim can be made on the school for such action.
  36. The Principal can issue an order/request parents to withdraw their children in case they do not fit in with the regulations of the school or not capable of any improvement or if the parents themselves do not co-operate with the school authority.

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